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The self-cleaning filters made by Everblue allow to filter the water allowing easy and repeated cleaning of the filter element.

Everblue has developed a line of automatic self-cleaning filters that includes a cleaning system with suction nozzles and a line of washable, manual and automatic self-cleaning filters. Both guarantee perfect efficiency even in the most critical situations. The numerous filtration grades available and the different sizes of self-cleaning filters allow you to meet all your filtration and flow requirements. The different types of materials used (AISI 316 steel, FRP fiberglass, plastics such as polypropylene and polyamide) allow the use for the filtration of seawater, brackish, fresh and waste water.

Sectors or Applications:

Agriculture | Ultrafiltration plant pre-filtration | Reverse osmosis plant pre-filtration | Water parks | Tower water and evaporative towers | Fire protection | Swimming pools | Ships | Heat exchangers | Spray nozzle protection | Softening systems protection | Geothermal and geothermal plants | Thermal power plants

Industrial Self-cleaning Filters

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Types of water:

Sea water, High salinity water, Low salinity water, Brackish water, Lake water, River water, Well water, Process water, Primary water, Waste water, Drinking and food water.